Thursday, April 21, 2016

Wrestling Lunacy #3

Thanks to the glorious board for being the roundabout sponsor of this little shindig. I was lurking their “MISC Matches” thread and found myself engrossed in fan cam matches that I'd never seen! Here are some goodies I got during my cyber travels:

Dean Ambrose vs Triple H, Newcastle, England House Show , April 2016

Now I'm probably part of a minority group of fans that really liked the Roadblock match between these two. I felt like that match was very solid and tight, and therefore going into this match I had a fair degree of high hopes. While I feel this match was good, it wasn't at the level of the Roadblock match and part of that is due to time. This match clocks in shorter than the previous match and also doesn't have the added drama associated with a title match. Nonetheless, it feels strong thanks to a hot crowd for Ambrose. I also dug Triple H working Ambrose's arm for a good amount of the middle section of the match. My main critique here would be in regards to the pacing. So much of this match felt slow and not in a good way. Triple H also had some strange selling moments that took me out of it a bit. Ambrose seemed off also to be fair but that isn't to downgrade how utterly phenomenal I find him. This camera work is fucked also but that is to be expected with fan cams so boo hoo me! Matches like this make me wish Ambrose had that same flame he did back in 2009 when I was mesmerized by his insane shit in CZW. Ah, those were the days and now we get a half hearted copy of that man. I can't help but be fairly impressed with Haitch here though because as a 46 year old, he can go fairly well. Ambrose takes wicked bumps that make me both cringe and smile. Man, does Trips love that backdrop over the top spot from the Pedigree position? He does because it is something he can't fuck up...usually. I'm a sucker for Ambrose's standing elbow drop press thing. The final minute is really fascinating. ***

Charlotte vs Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch for the WWE Women's Championship, Amsterdam, Holland, April 15th, 2016

So these three women stole WrestleMania. To me there wasn't even a competition between their match and most of that bullshit card and it says a lot that I've noticed most of the fans I respect saying the same thing. Just as I expected a lot based on previous meetings with Ambrose and Haitch, there was much more expected here from me. The early going is a foot race until Charlotte bows up and throws hands with her contenders. Charlotte gets the worst of the sequence and fucks off to the floor. Becky vs Sasha time! Charlotte decides nope and pulls Sasha outside. Charlotte is obsessed with staying away and right when I write that she decapitates Sasha with a big boot. Becky throws armdrags like hell on Charlotte and ends with an armbar. Charlotte has done well in evolving into her super bitch role. Charlotte does a gorgeous ode to her old man's corner bump to the apron and Sasha shit cans her in favor of Becky vs Sasha goodness. We get some good grappling between the two with flash roll ups. They does a very fun luchaesque roll up sequence where they just roll around like a ball but Charlotte don't play that shit and drops both women with LARIATOS~! Sasha plays Eddie with a so-so lucha armdrag spot from the corner. Becky fucks up and gets involved in a double knee drop in the corner by Sasha on both women. I love that move so vicious looking. We get Charlotte vs Sasha now. Sasha floats over with a headscissors into a straight jacket neckbreaker?! Jesus and Becky breaks a pin attempt. Charlotte thanks Becky with an odd backbreaker variation. Charlotte focuses on Becky while doing all she can to keep Sasha out of the equation on the floor. At one point Becky throws a European Uppercut that makes me happy. Standing Meteora by Sasha on Charlotte looks wonderful. Becky annihilates Sasha with a European! Man this is fun. Becky shitcans Charlotte with a T-Bone and we get more Sasha vs Becky. This match felt much more in sync than the Mania match did and that is a compliment. The sequence between Becky and Sasha in the final minute is a thing of beauty. Charlotte gets the W with her feet on the rope like papa. This match makes me want more! ***3/4

CM Punk, Triple H, and Randy Orton vs Chris Jericho, Dolph Ziggler, and Cody Rhodes, March 18th, 2012 in Madison Square Garden.

So browsing through YouTube for fan cams brought me this strange gem. This is during the build for Mania 28 so Punk is WWE Champion and Jericho is a douchebag. Triple H and Punk on the same side was something I just had to venture into. Punk vs Rhodes starts us off with Punk feigning a kick that makes Cody gather himself in the ropes like a little punk. Jericho tries to distract Punk for Cody but it fails. Punk wants Jericho so Cody tags him in. Jericho is very Living Legend Larry here by avoiding Punk at all costs with a quick tag to Ziggler. There's a fair amount of stalling by the heels early here because after a quick little sequence with Punk even Ziggler gets out of dodge. Orton comes into the fold against Rhodes and amps up some intensity. Regardless of your opinion of Orton, he's been fairly solid for some time. Orton and Rhodes have some pretty strong chemistry here. Just as the mood increases, in comes Triple H...and he pounds on Cody in the corner with lefts and rights. We get the usual Triple H high knee spot and some other basic Triple H offense. He actually does the Davey Boy delayed vertical suplex that makes me just want Davey doing it. Here comes the crotch chop knee drop. Yep it is totally the Triple H Greatest Hits here until Orton is tagged in to stomp the dogshit out of Cody. This is fun. Cody finally gets an elbow in and Jericho helps with a cheap shot from the apron on Orton. Cody prances around the ring while stomping Orton like a bitch. Jericho is in now commencing with the shit kicking. This match makes me daydream of the possibility of a trio with the heels here, they're such dicks. Alas, that would have led to them becoming cannon fodder for the faces though so we'll just float on to more of this match. Orton finds some daylight reversing a suplex and does his face crawl to his safe corner. Jericho ruins his day and cuts off Punk and Punk decides to run after his ass! They look to run all the way up the ramp now. Punk returns but Jericho is out of sight and the count is on. Jericho barely makes it and immediately takes it out on Orton. Orton reverses a shitty Jericho bulldog and Jericho's balls suffer. Rhodes comes in along with Punk who hits a springboard clothesline and the hot tag is official! Knee and bulldog combo like whoa. Sleepy sleep time but nope, Rhodes reverses but can't take advantage. Punk gets crotched on the turnbuckle by Jericho though and Rhodes decides he will win but no! Two only. Only when Punk is down is when we finally see Jericho vs Punk officially in this match. Ziggler is in now doing his dickhead schtick. Honestly this match feels pretty formulaic and not in the good way. I felt like there wasn't a lot of unique stuff happening here and that isn't surprising with it being a house show.

Ric Flair vs Roddy Piper, Worcester, MA February 24th, 1992.

This match is immediately awesome because:
1. This is a Champion vs Champion match with Roddy as IC Champion and Flair with the WWF title.
2. It's a cage match!

Flair starts off with a sucker punch and tries ending it early over the cage! Piper catches him and we get work on the top rope. Flair eats the cage and retreats. Piper proceeds to work on him now. Piper is the one throwing chops early on and Flair actually utilizes the eye rakes. Piper no sells the cage and Flair is scared to death! This is fucking awesome! This is a total example of a house show match that absolutely deserved major TV or Pay-per-view time. Flair is genius with his continual escape teases and at one point Flair gets all the way to the floor side of the cage! Piper grabs his hair to stop him and the crowd pops big while he wrangles him back in the ring. Both guys throw shots at each other at the top of the cage which is super fun. Piper gets over the side of the cage but Flair returns the favor in slinging him back into the ring. We get some chops exchanges and a shoulder tackle by Piper and both me go down. Both men climb over the cage to the floor! It looks to be a photo finish however and the ref says we must restart! Flair comes back in just to immediately go for the win again but Piper is smart to it. For me this is one of the better “WWF style” cage matches with escape rules. We get some cage door work now and it is awesome. Flair gets put to sleep by Piper and Piper slowly makes his way to the door. Piper gets the door slammed in his face by SOMEONE! I couldn't tell who it was, most likely Perfect since this is pre-Mania build. Flair goes over the cage but Piper is back up and wanting more fight. Both men fight towards the floor with Piper falling to the floor and getting the win to a massive ovation! This to me is the best Piper vs Flair match I've seen and a fantastic match in general. ****

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Wrestling Lunacy #2

WCW Main Event, 2/11/90

Norman the Lunatic vs Sargeant Buddy Lee Parker

Norman is fucking over here. Like Rock N' Roll Express having to keep their dicks padlocked from the fans kind of over. This is proof that while WCW had some stupid ideas, they had some fans that bought it hook, line, and sinker. Parker looks like a little baby here which is fun. It'll be a few years until he got to scream at green kids in a gym under the guise of the Power Plant. We get a tie up tease and it is halted because...Norman has a newspaper under his scrubs….wow. So we get that nasty shit out of the way and Parker gets Norman in the corner for some Power Plant shops and forearms! Norman says fuck you bitch and headbutts him away. Norman then goes into jobber killing mode and nails Parker with a nice clothesline as well as a scoop slam. Then the big move comes when Norman DROPKICKS Parker to the mat! It was definitely a Dusty one foot dropkick that looked shit for anyone that isn't over 300 pounds so I was impressed. Norman charges and Parker moves which allows him to get some offense in, aka throwing shitty strikes that Norman no sells. Parker throws a clothesline of his own and Norman bumps like shit off of it. Parker unloads on Norman though and shows some viciousness that I like until Norman decides it is time to end this bullshit. Total throwaway match but worth checking out Norman segments from this era because his overness is totally bizarre. It really is a wonder he never beat Flair for the belt with Herd's mindset.

Missy Hyatt was hot af back in 1990. Ok, proceed.

So there was a time when Sting was a Four Horseman. Yes, that is the case and no, it didn't last long. After the Norman match, we get a recap of the famous angle with Flair and the Horsemen giving Sting an ultimatum regarding his challenge for Flair's World title. Man this is some BUILD DAWG. Flair going batshit and screaming “get out of my life” at Sting is MONEY! This kind of angle from WCW makes me wish that these guys would have had the luxury of WWF production and melodrama to really sell that angle big time. We then get the images of the unfortunate Sting injury which was most likely a week previous to this show's airing. Flair pulled a Ronnie Lott when he ran up the entrance and pounced on Sting that was incredible. Old, crabby Ole Anderson is forever awesome.

The Mod Squad vs The Rock N' Roll Express

Imagine half of The Village People went and got some wrestling boots. That's The Mod Squad's aesthetic and it is veerrry interesting. The RNR Express looks hillbilly as always but they are gods so who gives a shit?! We get Pasty Boy starting with Ricky Morton and Morton takes a hellish bump to the apron, to which Morton says “welcome to rasslin' boay” and hits a beautiful body press from the top. In comes Gibson and he's a hip tossing MACHINE! RNR is always so fun to watch because they knew how to work with that psychology but could GO in the ring. Mod Squad is garbage. This match really enforced how good Robert Gibson was for me though. He does well here with two pretty green guys and you rarely notice that they are buffoons. RNR works an arm so magically and goddammit workers of today, WATCH THIS AND LEARN! It's awesome until Mod Squad no sells all the shit RNR does but hey! That's them jobbers for ya. As always, Morton starts selling like only he can. Seriously, Morton needs to tour every independent company in the fucking world and teach these youngsters the values of selling because he makes this match decent just by taking a shit kicking. Even a pickled Morton can get sympathy like crazy. This match makes me love RNR so much more because they manage to make The God Awful Mod Squad look credible by giving them a ton of offense and milking the Gibson hot tag well. Just absolutely pros and a clinic on how to make yourself super over as babyfaces. I will admit that this match went far too long but hey! RNR wanted to get a good sweat going I guess. Also, there's an awesome finish sequence after Gibson gets the big hot tag where Morton blind tags Gibson while Gibson is shot in and backdropped. During the backdrop, Morton runs right behind the Mod Squader (I don't know their names) and bumps him off the ropes into a roll up for the win. Very cool looking.

The Samoan Swat Team vs Steve Williams and The Road Warriors

Interesting six man tag, especially with Samoan Savage involved, yawn. Also, I recently saw a Mid South TV from 1984 that showed a rookie Steve Williams and BOY did he use those steroids because he was actually fat in '84 and six years later he is jacked to the gills practically. Although he's not at 1994 levels yet. We start with Williams and Samoan Savage and the press slams begin! Williams just rag dolls the Savage and Savage misses an elbow that looked strange. In comes FATU! In comes Animal! Will Animal feel the Stink Face wrath?! Oh wait that's a decade we get a fairly good sequence with both men, Animal is very powerslam heavy. Samu comes in to try and double team but Animal double clotheslines them to oblivion before Hawk comes in to fuck shit up. Samu is smooth as shit here and his stuff with Hawk is fairly solid. The SST spends some time working on Hawk and it is just good family entertainment here. The infamous Samoan headbutts fuck Hawk up as well as superkicks like crazy. I mean people bitch about The Young Bucks but these dudes were like 25% super kicks predominately. I love the in and out tags by the Samoans. We get a beautiful splash by Fatu and shit breaks down with all six men going at it. The match ends with The Skyscrapers!~ coming in and fucking up The Road Warriors. Seeing baby Taker is always a treat, especially when he brings the stomping goodness.

WCW Prime Wrestling 4/24/95

So this will be interesting because as big of a fan as I was in the 90's, I never once saw this show. I'm not sure if it was because of syndicated television clearances or what but until I fell into the YouTube wormhole, I'd never even heard of this show existing. TIL WCW had a shit ton of TV I knew nothing about! Fun times friends.

Lord Steven Regal and Earl Robert Eaton vs Mike Davis and Barry Houston

This is a squash of all squashes. This gimmick at the time was very much ignored by a lot of people and hated by a lot of people that recalled the greatness of Eaton in the 80's and early 90's but I have to say Eaton was solid. Regal is fucking Regal as well so there's no worries on that front. Regal starts the match with Davis by immediately going for the arm. Regal does some sweet reversals and gets Davis in his clutches with some mat work followed by forearms into the corner. Regal gives Davis a bit of shine before fucking him up with European Uppercuts and talking shit. GIVE THIS MAN THE STRAP. Ugh if only I could transport back to WCW in 1995 and tell those fools to push this man to the moon! Eaton is in now and decides “Hey, you're going to look awesome today kids” but decides against that rather quickly and hits perhaps the first ever Angle Slam! Regal is back in and uppercut happy. Davis takes a vicious looking release German Suplex and by release I mean Regal just throw him sideways and watched him crumple. Regal and Eaton were fantastic here, showing off tag prowess at a pretty high level. Regal hits a nasty looking rolling senton and Eaton nails a top rope knee drop to the back of Houston's neck. In comes Regal and he puts a bow on it with the Regal Stretch. How did this team not ever go further? I feel like this had some legs and had potential but alas, we are talking about WCW in the mid to late 90's.
Tim Horner and Brad Armstrong vs Dick Slater and Bunkhouse Buck

This is a fun southern style tag match. It gets no time at all of course. Horner spends quite a while working a headlock with Buck working out of it but keeps getting caught. Even an atomic drop doesn't break the hold and man this makes SENSE. Buck keeps escaping and getting back in the hold until Horner gets sick of his shit and nails him with a right hand dropping him to the floor. In comes Brad Armstrong who….guess it? WORKS THE HEADLOCK. Buck gets Slater in and Brad keeps headlockin' like there's no tomorrow. We get a little drop down and duck sequence by both men until Brad finds himself back in control and gets the headlock. Atomic drop on Slater and Slater does the Terry Funkesque wobble sell that any loving American would appreciate. Slater gets a belly to back suplex but Brad WILL NOT YIELD and keeps that damn headlock on. Usually a match like this would annoy me but Horner and Armstrong work the headlocks well. Horner and Buck are back in and it's all about Horner's headlock. Buck gets a headscissors on but Horner reverses it into a...HEADLOCK! We comes back from commerical and Slater is fucking Horner's world up with right hands. A piledriver is teased by Horner gets the backdrop and tags in Armstrong however the ref didn't see it. Buck and Slater take advantage and beat on Horner a little. Things amp up with all four men in the ring and Slater and Buck are in trouble. Horner has a roll up but the ref is distracted so Buck decides to use a foreign object to blast Horner in his face so Slater can get the pin. Fun match with a rhyme and reason.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wrestling Lunacy #1

PWG Bowie thoughts:

Jack Evans vs Sami Callihan

Jack Evans is a fucking maniac. He just gets on the mic and says STUFF until he gets sick of it and decides to do a shit ton of flips. Not that there's anything WRONG with that but, it is what he does now. Sami Callihan is always fun for me in that oddity department with his odd mannerisms and fun MOVEZ!~. I love how guys in PWG do shit they never try or do elsewhere, Evans on the mic being a main one. Evans continues to marvel me with his athleticism. He does shit that 1992 Rey Misterio Jr would shake his head at. Callihan kind of overdoes the boot scrape spot in the corner but the second I say that, he does an insanely awesome ropes-assisted neckbreaker thing. My apologies, Mr. Callihan. Evans is gold when it comes to crumpling like a piece of napkin falling out of a McDonald's sack. Callihan teases the whole “I'm Del Rio so I'll double stomp your shit out of the tree of woe” but Evans tells him to fuck off and nails a crazy Phoenix Splash for a near fall scare. Evans does a weird moonsault and a half and rolls into a Stretch Muffler and then rolls into a pin attempt. Crazy reversals ensue. Callihan throws a bullshit head kick but redeems himself with a sickening “Cinder Block” vertebrae rapist for a NEAR FALL?! Callihan looks beside himself and goes for som-ROLL UP BY EVANS FOR THE FINISH. Fun match. ***1/2

Adam Cole vs Andrew Everett.

This is one of those “never thought I'd want this” kind of matches. Everett became a part of my wrestling mindstate back at one of the WrestleCons a few years ago as Chiba Kid when he killed himself for the amusement of us marky marks. He's been ok since. Adam Cole however? Fucking gold. This should be interesting. Cole is a beautiful mix of the movez as well as crowd interaction which is a lost art for most. Both goes do well early on with simple headlocks and quick sequences before getting into spotmania, which is nice. Everett nearly disembowels Cole with a standing moonsault from knee city. This match feels like an exhibition of “who's niftier” with both guys trying to impress the crowd most with their movez but Cole says fuck that and takes it to the floor. Posts Everett and smacks him around like a kid on the playground that owes him a milk carton and a quarter piece. Cole does the fantastic rope run into the chinlock to the chagrin of me, your faithful correspondent. Beautiful fireman's carry neckbreaker and Cole makes me smirk yet again here. Everett looks fantastic taking weird bumps off shit, especially a wild irish whip into the ropes that he takes like a high velocity car crash victim. Everett hates his body, I have decided with his bumps. Cole decides after giving Everett a disc realignment, that it's time for sucky sucky but Everett FIYERS UHP but Cole doesn't care and kicks his knee like a dick. Everett says HAHA and hits a nice frankensteiner. Everett no sells knee damage and hits a springboard dropkick that is very pretty. Cole gets out of Dodge but Everett decides it is SHOOTING STAR PLANCHA TIME and nails it well. PWG's faithful worships their flippy overlord. Sweet falcon arrow by Everett for 2. If a company could reign Everett in, they could get a lot of use out of him. Cole does a lovely running knee to Everett's goat face and decides to party like it is 1985 with a figure four! Cole puts over really wrenching it on here while Everett finds a way to escape. Everett makes us remember 2003 Low Ki with a Tidal Wave kick for two. Beautiful super kick that Everett takes nearly on his head that would have been a GRREAT finish but no! Scary reverse hurricanrana has Cole reeling and Everett going for break with a pretty shooting star press for TWO! BY GAWD! Cole finally gets sick of all this shit and hits a Canadian Destroyer followed by a suplex into a nice neckbreaker. Good match but wayyy too many lost finish opportunities. Typical for the current independent style though. ***
Trevor Lee vs Zack Sabre Jr.

ZSJ is so fun to watch these days and ditto with Lee. I've actually enjoyed Lee's current stuff in TNA with the X-Division title and that says a WHOLE lot because I don't watch TNA for NOTHIN'. Lee is such a little prick with his gesturing. Lee gets tired of early lock ups and claims he has to break so he can pull up his kneepads which had me dying. So naturally, ZSJ decides it is time to WORK SOME LEGS and takes Lee's ass down. Lee is smart to it though and rolls out before damage can be done. Lee working everybody with the kneepad business is a nice thing. Lee even shows some fun wrestling prowess with a sweet take down but ZSJ is the man on the mat so he finds his way out. ZSJ goes for the kill with a leglock by Lee squirms to the floor. That's the big story here; ZSJ wants to hurt Lee with sexy submissions but Lee won't have that shit and would rather fuck around. We get a WrestleMania 6 test of strength with Lee getting ZSJ into a bridge and they work that bridge like hell. Lee goes for pins with his weight but ZSJ's neck is strong. ZSJ worms himself into the offensive with a straight jacket hold that Lee reverses and we have a little back and forth until ZSJ slides away. The usual smoothness is alive and well with ZSJ. Lee is still pissed and lets us all know it. ZSJ looks annoyed which makes me smile because it means ligaments are in danger. Sure enough, ZSJ decides rather quickly that he'd like to take Lee's arm home to the UK with some nice armlock movements until he gets bored and takes Lee down. Now the focus is on Lee's legs. ZSJ just floats from limb to limb and while someone would criticize this, I think it is very sound. Lee has his elbow rearranged with a ZSJ elbow stomp. ZSJ takes a strange hot shot and sells like someone slit his throat. Lee gets in a nice European Uppercut for ZSJ's troubles. Lee starts being a huge dick and scrapes ZSJ's face with elbows before launching him like a rocket with a hip toss from corner to corner. Lee does his best to return the joint moving wrestling that ZSJ employs but ZSJ will not be DENIED and starts to kick Lee to shit. Lee responds with a kick to the face from Hades. ZSJ begins a flurry with rushing European Uppercuts from corner to corner and Lee attempts to change course but fails when ZSJ soccer kicks his head off for a near fall. A nice sequence ends with a crushing dragon suplex by ZSJ that has the crowd go wild. We then get a nice tornado DDT into a modified Kimura Lock with a body scissors. Lee fights like hell to his feet and rushes into the corner to break. ZSJ does a weird jumping triangle but is met with a wild backbreaker and ultimately a running double stomp that Lee does so well. Lee gets caught in a standing submission that floats into a tiger suplex for two but is instantly locked into a wild Stretch Plum looking hold but Lee finds a way out and hits a seated superkick. This match would have been god-like with a little less speed and more selling but that's a constant critique for this era and style. ZSJ takes Lee's arm and gets another standing Kimura on until Lee reverses it into a sick Orange Crushesque move. ZSJ survives though and works his way into a wild looking Octopus Hold that he modifies to incorporate a leg lock and Lee has had enough. This match is worth it for anyone curious as to what ZSJ is all about. Lee is strong here also. ***1/2

“Speedball” Mike Bailey vs Evil Uno

This is the first time I've seen Uno in his “evil” phase. I recall him being fairly good with Stupefied in SSB so this might be awesome. Mike Bailey is fucking awesome so there's that. They get into an abdominal stretch spot early until Bailey tells Uno to fuck off and throws him away like he's Rick Steiner. Uno starts to get pissed that Bailey nips up out of everything he does. Eventually, Bailey even starts putting Uno down with moves and so Uno says it is all good lets be friends but when Bailey shakes his hand, he DDTs his ass! Yes, I like you Uno. Uno works on Bailey with some eye gouging and headbutts to the stomach. Bailey does cool flips out of predicaments until he double knees Uno and it looks nasty. Uno goes to the floor and Bailey tries something off the apron but Uno will not hear that music and Alabama Slams his ass into the apron edge! Bailey crumples and I love it. Uno does a Harley Race vertical suplex to the floor before taking a seat in a chair...that also happens to be sitting on Bailey's windpipe. NO BIG DEAL. Uno does the whole “I'mma chop you on the post” spot but kills his hand. Bailey tries to take advantage but Uno puts him down with a neckbreaker. Uno then becomes 2009 Randy Orton and starts stomping the piss out of Bailey. He even bites Bailey's foot! What a sick and evil fuck! Bailey tries a fleeting comeback but Uno keeps him beaten down. Uno shows his love for NXT and hits Baron Corbin's finish for a near fall. I definitely don't know the name of it and really, who cares? Uno displays more reasons to hate (or if you're me, love) him with his choking and gouging of Bailey in the ropes. Uno throws the ref into Bailey and hits a slam before going into his old SSB pose using the ref. Fun spot for us marks from 2011 days. Uno continues to kick the shit out of Bailey though. Bailey manages a sweet headkick and fires UHP with some chops. Uno no sells like it is 1993 All Japan and corners Bailey with wicked chops of his own. Bailey responds with a strange corkscrew kick and Uno is reeling kids. Bailey displays his Speedball ways with fast corner kicks but Uno tries to thwart him with avalanches. Bailey keeps the kicks coming and also hits a standing Sliced Bread for two. Uno is on his knees, pleading for forgiveness but Bailey has him eat kicks until Uno reverses it all into a nice tornado bomb with one arm! Bailey responds with? Kicks! Also a crazy running, corkscrew shooting star for two! Reverse hurricanrana to the floor by Bailey! Uno is on the floor and Bailey says “hey cool, I can do a fucking nuts spot now” and does a crazy corkscrew plancha from the top turnbuckle and doesn't land it well at all. Uno still sells and I go meh. Uno nails a weird electric chair into a neckbreaker. Uno makes Bailey eat his shoe and Bailey bumps like a madman off of it. Uno then nails a powerbomb into a sick looking piledriver! Bailey looked dead but SURVIVES. Bailey hits a reverse hurricanrana in the ring this time. Uno doesn't sell it really at all and gets to the second rope nailed a tombstone from the second rope! Uno sells his knee and has been since that neckbreaker from previously. Bailey kicks out of course. Bailey plays dead so Uno decides it is time to fly and hits a Terry Funk from 2000 esque moonsault and Bailey is HULKIN' UP! Bailey goes into his side kick flurry that is a thing of beauty. Uno responds with slaps but Bailey kicks the dog shit out of his head. Bailey then hits a shooting star double knee to the kneeling Uno followed by a roundhouse kick to a downed Uno for the finish. Good heart but again so many MOVEZ and such little selling. **1/2

Drew Galloway vs Roderick Strong(c) PWG World Championship.

I love Galloway these days. So intense looking and a big bastard. Roddy is rubbing off on me too with his dickish ways and smooth work. Roddy absolutely feels like that college frat dick and it makes me love him even more in the ring. Roddy tells Rick Knox to fuck off and he isn't allowed to ref his matches now. I love this, even more heat for the molten Roddy to PWG crowds. Strong tries to cheap shot Galloway but gets caught and Drew brings the HEAT. Roddy gets thrown from one end of the ring to the other. Galloway is just manhandling Roddy early here. We go into the crowd with some trash brawling. We get a nice chop exchange followed by Roddy getting launched into the wall. Drew tosses Roddy into the wall proper but it looks like shit. Roddy redeems things with his always golden chops. Roddy does an awesome baseball slide that sends Drew to the floor hard. Roddy leaps into Drew and Drew manages to hit a tilt-a-whirl slam while falling on his ass. Very impressive actually. We find ourselves on the apron and Roddy DEMOLISHES Drew's spine on the apron with a nice side slam variant. Roddy with a 2005 Angle Slam onto the apron and we get back into the ring. Drew kicks out though. Roddy is really good at wearing guys down. He does well keeping Drew grounded with little holds and strikes. Drew stays alive with random strikes but Roddy continues to keep him down. Roddy delivers a truly textbook dropkick on Drew who sells like he's shot but KICKS OUT AT TWO. It certainly isn't the old days. Roddy loses focus fucking with a fan and Drew takes advantage. Roddy acts like D'Lo Brown and hits a sweet jumping heel kick. Drew is selling like a real babyface here, clawing up to his feet. Roddy keeps fucking with fans and gets caught by Drew. Roddy hits a weird belly to back suplex that shows off his strength because I think he just manhandles Drew to the mat. Roddy gets caught and driven into a buckle bomb and the odds are even here! Drew hits a bullshit Stinger Splash followed with a Kane-like top rope clothesline. Nice spinebusteer though down the road by Drew. We get an odd swinging facebuster by Drew followed by Roddy being put on the top turnbuckle and kicked in the ribs. Drew tries something else but Roddy drops him in a tree of woe. Roddy is finally suplexed by Drew out of the corner and Drew tops it off with a reverse Alabama Slam into the corner as well as a running kick. Some time later we get a curb stomp by Roddy! Love that move. A lot of these moves seemed awkward on Galloway so I feel like Roddy should have worked the match somewhat differently. Some of his usual power moves looked strange with such a large opponent taking them. Not sure who's fault that even is but it hurt the match. Roddy confuses me. Is he a cruiserweight style worker or an old school type of technician? This questions plagues my opinion on him because he switches gears in odd ways. Cool tombstone spot by Drew that gets a near fall. Why? Because why not, that is why! Drew sells it like his last ditch effort though so that is fun. Drew says it is all over but Roddy moves out of the corner and Drew hits his shoulder on the post VERY ORIGINAL STUFF. Roddy baits the ref by sliding a title belt in his view while holding another one but the ref catches him. Roddy has another belt though! BELT SHOT TO THE FACE! Drew kicks out though! Alas, the spirit of Eddie Guerrero from SmackDown is not enough for Roddy to squirm away with a win. We get about 5 knee strikes before Roddy hits a nice End of Heartache backbreaker for the win. Solid match. ***1/2